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Below are items of interest and articles of praise and acclaim from local newspapers about members of our community.  Because not everyone subscribes to the local newspaper, it would be nice to share these articles as we get to know our neighbors. 

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Falmouth Enterprise 10/28/16    Congratulations to the Valle Group recipients of two gold and three silver awards at the recent Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston PRISM Awards held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in October. Joseph and Joan Valle are long time residents in Great Harbors. Joan was on the Clubhouse Renovation Committee and instrumental in the design and renovation of the clubhouse.

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Cape Cod Times 10/28/16    Leo Lechtenberg’s paintings were on display at the Maser Gallery at Falmouth Community Television during the month of October. Mr. Lechtenberg paints in various mediums and consistently painted where he lived, Detroit, Upper Michigan, along the Mississippi in Wisconsin, Italy and Bolivia. Mr Lectenberg was also a participant in past art shows in Great Harbors. He lives in Great Harbors with his wife, Jean.

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The Falmouth Police Department has announced a telephone number change.  The new non-emergency number is 774-255-4527,  this number replaces the old number, 508-457-2527.   This allows the Police Department to effectively identify the caller, expanded voice mail and has conference capabilities.

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01/07/2016  It is that time of year and residents are receiving several marketing solicitations and a few have reported IRS scam telephone calls.  If you receive a threatening telephone call stating that the IRS is putting a lien on your house, DO NOT RESPOND.  You may do nothing or several residents have chosen to alert the Falmouth Police Department and they are aware of the problem.  The IRS does not contact people by telephone, they usually will send you a letter.  Never give out any personal information over the telephone unless you have initiated the call. 

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Effective January 1, 2014  Any current member looking to sell their home, there is a new "Initiation Fee" enacted at the Annual Meeting in June that takes effect on January 1, 2014.  Thereafter, any change in ownership will require a $1,000 one-time joining fee.  While this is a voluntary fee, failure to pay it would preclude the new owners from using the pool or dock facilities, one of the primary drawing points of Great Harbors. 

Please inform your real estate agent of this upcoming fee. 

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