Great Harbors Resident Association

333 Shorewood Drive

PO box 988
East Falmouth, MA  02536


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Contact Information (Name, Address, Email, Phone) of those paying bills other than the owner
Please enter the appropriate amounts below.
A. Annual Association Assessment   A.$ 234
B. Individual Pool & Tennis Pass – Base Fee of $220 included in first pass. Each additional pass is $30 per pass. Children 3 and under, no charge, however a pass is issued. List only those individuals living at the GH address above using GH pool/tennis facilities. Individual pool/tennis passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Invoice due April 1, 2021.      

  First and Last name Age<18
1 card $250
2 cards $280
3 cards $310
4 cards $340
5 cards $370
6 cards $400
7 cards $430
8 cards $460
      B.$ 0
C. House Pass Pool/Tennis - One (1) card issued per household. House pass can only be purchased in addition to at least one (1) Individual Pool/Tennis pass.    $30. C.$
D. Guest Punch Pass – twenty (20) visits. Guest Punch pass can only be purchased in addition to at least one (1) Individual Pool/Tennis pass.    $70/ea. D.$
E. Rental Property – Do you rent during the summer and the renters want pool/tennis passes? If yes, the base fee of $220 must be paid before any passes are issued. Do you plan to rent out your house, take weeks for yourself and purchase pool/tennis passes? If yes, do not include the $220. The fee is included in B above. Rental forms are found at under Forms & Documents. $220. E.$
F. Late Fee $25, if not postmarked by April 30, 2021. $25 F.$
Total Payment (Add A – F)       $ 0
All and any dues and assessments MUST be paid on ALL GH properties owned before any passes are issued. When complete hit the "Make PDF" and print. Make check payable to GHRA. Send to GHRA, PO Box 988, East Falmouth, MA 02536. Pool opens Sunday 6/27/21 thru Monday 9/6/21 weather permitting.

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