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FYI: Effective August  2021To request an individual dock lock code, please email and request a code. There will no longer be universal codes going forward.


All small watercraft used or stored on the Great Harbors beachfront must have a Great Harbors sticker. This includes kayaks, dinghys, canoes etc. The purpose of this policy is for identification, safety, and ensuring the watercraft are the property of Great Harbors residents. The cost is a one time fee of $10.00 per watercraft and are limited to two per household, if stored on the beach. You may contact Jim Clayton at, should you have any questions.

Jim Clayton, Chair - Great Harbor Waterfront Committee

September 2019

The Great Harbors Board of Directors voted  to change the billing dates and refund policies at the September, 2019 meeting – all other dock rules remain unchanged.  Please plan accordingly.

Slip rental bills will be sent via email on approximately December 1st

Payment in full, along with all necessary signed contracts and supporting documents, must be returned to GHRA, 333 Shorewood Dr.,  PO Box 988, East Falmouth, MA  02536 by January 15th .

In the event of an approved hardship request, the slip renter may defer 50% of payment provided all paperwork is completed.

Refund Policy:

The slip renter must notify the dock masters by email or letter (timestamp or postmark determines date):

By March 1st = 75% Refund

March 2nd to May 15th = 50% Refund

After May 16th = No Refund

Exception will apply upon a death or serious disability – previous pro rata rules apply – medical disability will require physician substantiation.

Stan Caras, Chair

Great Harbors Dock Committee

March 2019

The docks consist of 44 slips and 4 tie-ups at the end of Sally Lane and Joyce Street.   Maintenance items such as 2-inch piping was replaced with 3-inch piping and new rings with rollers were placed around the fiberglass pilings were installed in the past.

The Dock Masters, Chris Tomasini, Bill Lund , and Stan Caras along with the Docks' Committee are pleased to announce the  completion of Construction of 36 new docks slips for the Joyce Street section as replacement for the 27 years old slips. This after replacement of the 12 Sally Lane Docks in 2017. 

The new much upgraded docks were delivered in March 2019 to our storage site in Great Harbors  and will be installed in the water in early May 2019. 

Special thanks to Rich Conlon our Finance Committee Chairman  for his invaluable assistance along with our Board of Directors who voted unanimously to authorize construction and replacement for these new dock slips.

Great Harbors now has 48 Replacement  Dock slips built to a very high standard which should last for a very  long time

Stan Caras, Chairman

Great Harbors Dock Committee,

 * * * * * * * * * *

June 2017

 2017 marked a year of significant investment in the Great Harbors docks. These floats had been in service since 1992, when Hurricane Bob had destroyed our docks. When we began the work of disassembly, it was clear that the internal components on the Sally floats were eroded and badly rusted, probably since these components are subject to more concentrated waves and wakes from boats going up the Coonamessett River.

The Dock Committee worked with the Great Harbors Board of Directors, to procure completely new docks for Sally Lane. The floats were built to exceed the high standard of the originals, and were completed ahead of schedule and on budget by the lowest of three bidders.    Chris Tomasini




Stan Caras, Chair

Bill Lund, Dockmaster

Chris Tomasini, Dockmaster

Brian Murphy

Joe Maiella

Colleen Grogan

Doug Bryan






The docks are seasonal in that they are removed and stored in October and placed back in the water in the spring.  This process extends the life of the docks.

 Currently there are no openings for slips and tie-ups, however the "Dock Wait List" is available annually in mid July after all current boaters have been assigned slips 

Dock Wait List 2012.

Dock Wait List 2013 

Dock Wait List 2014

Dock Wait List 2015 

Dock Wait List 2016

Dock Wait List 2017

Dock Wait List 2018

Dock Wait List 2019

Dock Wait List 2020

Dock Wait List 2021



If you are having a gathering or going fishing, ice is available through the toll house. Individual bags are $2 each or 3 for $5.  You may also join the "Ice Club" for $75 for the season and you will have your own personal key for the ice freezer.
Stop by the Toll House for more information.


Some residents enjoy kayaking on Great Pond

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