Great Harbors Resident Association

333 Shorewood Drive
PO box 988
East Falmouth, MA  02536


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The Great Harbors Resident Association Board of Directors are elected at the annual meeting of the Association each June. They are an all-volunteer team who generously give their time and talents to manage the Association.

 The GHRA Board meets on the third Saturday of the month in the Clubhouse at Great Harbors.

President Mary Doyle
Vice President Roger LeBlanc
Treasurer Jason Spreyer

Clerk Matt Kelly

Asst. Treasurer Robin Gordon

Asst. Clerk Carol Furst

  Karen Ives
  Michael Davis
  Diane Curtis
  Paul Harvey
  Alan Goldstein

  Doug Bryan
  Brian Murphy
  Darrel Peterson
Nominating Chair Johanna Conley
Women's Club President Ellen Leathers
GHRA Concierge Les Leathers
Webmaster Ellen Leathers


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